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Feature Release - Activities 2.0, PhD, Paddl XP + more.

John Collins
Co-founder | VP Product

Paddl is designed to help you track and share all of your everyday learning to ensure that when you apply for your next big opportunity, you don't leave any valuable experience off the table.

In this release, we've given Activities a whole new layout to make way for exciting new features such as verifying activities. We've made adding a new Activity to your Profile even easier and added PhD to the Education category.

We also see the first release of Paddl XP (in BETA) as we prepare for our most exciting product releases designed to change the way the world measures learned experience.

✏️ Easily Add new Activities

We've made some big changes to how you add new learning Activities to your Profile. Selecting an Activity to add is now easier than ever with the new Activities homepage. Jump to an Activity with useful 'Suggestions' links or select a Category to view the set.

The all new Activity Category pages show a simple grid layout of the Activities available to add now, each with helpful descriptions for more context. We're also sharing the Activities that are coming soon to keep you in the know and including a direct link to our Product Portal so you can vote for what you want to see in Paddl.

The add an Activity view now includes steps to guide you through and improved forms for a better user experience including a new 'date picker' to help add those Activities from a few years back.

💡 Demonstrate all of the skills you have developed during a learning Activity by tagging them when you 'Add an Activity.'

💻 All new Activities layout

Our Activities have an all new layout to make way for some great new features such as Activity Verification Details to share who created the Activity, who received it and when.

Activities now have unique URL's in preparation for our sharing features (coming soon) that will enable you to push Activities to LinkedIn, social feeds and more.

💡 You can use your Paddl Profile like a wallet for all of your learning and soon, push your favourite Activities to LinkedIn.

🎓 New Activity - PhD

One of our top voted Activities by you was PhD! Well, you asked and we listened as we've added PhD to the Education Category.

For those lucky and talented enough to have embarked on a Doctor of Philosophy, you can now add it to you Paddl Profile as our most highly rated Education Activity.

💡 Help us choose which Activities to add to Paddl by casting your votes here.

👾 Paddl XP (BETA) - Earn Experience Points

In this release we see the start of something big.

We believe experience unlocks opportunity and all experience is valuable.

To support our community in unlocking brighter futures for themselves and the world around them, we set out to create a way to 'value' a person's non-traditional experience. The experience that goes unseen in hiring processes, school enrolment and more, yet is so often what makes us who we are as people, students, team members and leaders in our environment.

We have put years of research and development into creating a special and unique offering to the worlds of work and education, and we call it Paddl XP.

Stay tuned for more on Paddl XP as we rollout game-changing updates designed to unlock your hidden experience.

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