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Track ROI
on Workforce Upskilling

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Paddl collects your team's learning data from anywhere, producing Experience Analytics to track ROI and guide your workforce empowerment and upskilling programs.  

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Experience Analytics

Track anonymised insights on your team's skills, experience and learning patterns.


Create Workspaces to share content with selected teams or groups.

Capability Partners

Work with our global network of innovators to craft your development strategy.
Live Programs
Track key engagement metrics for each social account.
Know whether you're reaching the right audience
Measure stories, individual posts, and hashtags

One workspace for all of your upskilling + empowerment

Workspaces put everything your team needs to succeed in 1 place including live learning, content libraries, powerful analytics and more.

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Select first-class content to meet your business goals

Paddl helps you select from live programs, content integrations and unique team experiences to create your ultimate L&D Workspace.

Engage in Live Learning
Connect Content Integrations
Add Challenges + Experiences

Optimise your L&D Program with Experience Analytics™

Focus your team's upskilling and empowerment guided by unique insights into strengths, improvement areas, learning patterns and more.

Track Critical Skills Scores
Analyse Team Experience
Measure Content Engagement

Deliver a culture of continuous improvement

As Members gather skills and experience, they unlock badges to share online and earn XP to engage in friendly competition within your Team.

Earn XP (Experience Points)
Unlock Badges + Credentials
Climb Team Leaderboards

Connect with 10+ social media accounts

We integrate all your favorite social media profiles, eliminating data silos and ensuring a seamless experience.

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Get the most out of our powerful social media management tool

Uncover trends and actionable insights from social data to inform brand and business strategy.
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Dig into boosted posts
Compare paid vs organic results of boosted posts.
See audience demographics
Know whether you're reaching the right audience.
Run stories and posts’ analytics
Measure stories, individual posts, and hashtags.
Track each account’s data
Track key engagement metrics for each social account.

Your all-in-1 workforce empowerment workspace

Track your content’s performance from one, intuitive analytics dashboard.

Critical Upskilling

Curate your own L&D Workspace by selecting from live upskilling programs and world class content integrations aligned to your L&D goals.

AI Powered Analytics

Powerful Experience Analytics support you and your team to identify skills, strengths and improvement areas to optimise your L&D efforts.

Surface results in real-time

Is your content doing better or worse? Track and manage its performance in one-click!

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