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EnergyAustralia partners with Paddl to upskill talent and drive industry change


EnergyAustralia is a leading electricity and gas provider that honours a customer first focus. Over the past few years, the company has focused heavily on surfacing optimal energy solutions for small businesses and driving community innovation.

To help deliver on this commitment, Paddl has supported EnergyAustralia in connecting with a diverse pool of talent and forging connections with new businesses.

Upskilling and engaging a new generation of talent

EnergyAustralia partnered with Paddl in order to execute four innovation Challenges across two years. Online applications were enabled via, reaching Paddl's global community of 24,000+ emerging talent. Access to our Paddl Experience Profiles ensured a strong selection of talent competing in each Challenge.

The Paddl Experience Profile is designed to capture an applicant's unique range of lifelong learning activities, providing deeper analysis into their skills and capabilities.

"I was so impressed with the talent recruited. Another successful games facilitated by Paddl!"- EnergyAustralia Representative, EnergyAustralia National Innovation Games for the Latrobe Valley

The Challenges:

  • EnergyAustralia COSBOA Innovation Games for Victoria - 15th May, 2019. The objective? Supporting businesses to achieve greater control over their energy costs.
  • EnergyAustralia WSU Paddl Games for NSW - 10th July, 2019. The objective? Supporting businesses to achieve greater control over their energy usage.
  • EnergyAustralia National Innovation Games for Lismore - 21st November, 2019. The objective? Supporting businesses to innovate and upskill for a sustainable future.
  • EnergyAustralia Virtual National Innovation Games for the Latrobe Valley - 21st May, 2020. The objective? Focusing on business resilience and optimising essential services during times of crisis.

Paddl's community of infinite learners gained crucial industry exposure, and greater awareness of EnergyAustralia as an innovation leader.

"Highly recommended for every student to gain experience of working with real businesses and real people to create solutions. An excellent opportunity to become career ready." - Saran O'Connor, Bachelor of Business, Deakin University, EnergyAustralia National Innovation Games for the Latrobe Valley

Working with new customers to solve real problems

Bringing Paddl's talent community together with its network of small businesses enabled EnergyAustralia to work with new customers on new offerings.

Blakes Feast, a premium and Melbourne-based catering and events company became a significant EnergyAustralia customer following the 2019 EnergyAustralia COSBOA Innovation Games.

The catering company received first prize and a $5,000 credit from EnergyAustralia, which is now a provider of their proposed portable energy solution.

"Really loved getting to cross-collaborate with a real customer and work on a real customer problem. Best of all, it was great to be able to give back to talented students who are about to embark on new and promising careers." - EnergyAustralia Representative, EnergyAustralia COSBOA Innovation Games

Inspiring commercial opportunity in clean energy

Ongoing collaborations have exemplified EnergyAustralia's commitment coming to life. Three Byron Bay businesses have teamed up since the National Innovation Games to found 'We, the many', an initiative to produce carbon neutral products.

Stone and Wood Brewery, Cape Byron Distillery and Brookfarm, all participants of the 2019 EnergyAustralia National Innovation Games for Lismore, will invest 50% of profits into climate positive solutions including regenerative agriculture, wind and solar farms, recycling technology and forest regeneration.

Make a lasting impact

EnergyAustralia has made a lasting impact on its customers and community as a proud Paddl Partner.

If you represent a business or organisation that would like to engage up-and-coming talent, grow your user engagement or partner with us as an innovation Challenge sponsor, contact us at the below details.

+61 3 9514 3000

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