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Paddl Manifesto 2020

John Collins
Co-founder | VP Product


Dominique and I have endeavoured to unlock opportunity for emerging talent for over a decade. By 2016, we had seen over 50,000 student resumes in service of a system that valued the top 1% and left the rest to find their own way.

We saw highly talented people rejected again and again, overlooked for a lack of experience or an unconventional path. Frustrated and heartbroken, one weekend in January we discovered our true challenge (see below). We had a pile of ideas validated in an article I found by Garry Golden and that was it. That Monday we set about changing how we recognise experience forever.

5 Years on the world has changed in ways many could never have imagined. During a time of such rapid change, we took time to reflect and reaffirm our mission.  - JC

CVs and resumes do not capture modern experience

Our Challenge

People are learning in so many new and exciting ways but even modern tools, filters, resumes and processes only value a fraction of a person’s experience.

People learn in different ways. All experience is valuable.

Learning was once a box to tick, you would ‘complete your education,’ progress to the world of work and begin at the bottom.

Modern technology is automating jobs, raising the barrier to entry for the world of work and making ‘skills of the future’ more challenging and competitive than ever before.

At the same time, learning has never been more accessible. Online courses, content and communities can deliver a college level education to anyone with an internet connection.    

To keep up with such rapid change, up-skilling and re-skilling happens daily and there is no single path to expertise. Mastery now requires maintenance and learning is infinite.

Paddl applies the infinite mindset to learning

Infinite Learning

Drawing from qualities of the infinite mindset, infinite learning is an approach to personal growth that draws value from all of life’s experiences and develops ‘resilience to thrive in an ever changing world.’

A life of infinite learning is one of humility, adaptability and hunger to improve ourselves.

There is no finish line, only the pursuit of knowledge to better ourselves and therefore our contribution to the causes we support.

We are more than our education and work. We listen, read, watch, discuss and compete in activities everyday that develop our unique experience and craft who we are as individuals.

All experience is valuable.

As learning becomes micro and the world’s challenges become more complex, it has never been more critical to capture all of our experience and be recognised for our skills and capabilities.

That’s why Paddl is empowering people to never stop learning. Embrace the adventure and collaborate with others. Opportunity won’t wait, our future is what we make it.

Get experience without a job on Paddl

Our Mission

To empower the world to never stop learning.

Paddl builds on the belief that experience unlocks opportunity and that all experience is valuable. Be it mentally, physically or spiritually challenging, the good and the bad, your experience makes you who you are. To that end, we empower the world’s infinite learners to discover, validate and share their unique experience.

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