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Feature Release - Personalise Your Profile

John Collins
Co-founder | VP Product

Your Paddl Profile is designed to showcase the learning activities and experience that make you unique. We believe that everyone's journey is valuable, something to be proud of and something that can inspire others.

In this release, we've added some exciting new features to help you customise your Profile and make it easier to share with employers and others.

🔗 Choose your own Profile URL

You can now choose a URL for your Paddl Profile for a more personalised touch. A custom Profile URL will make it easier for you to remember, share as well as boost your discoverability online.

Go to your Settings page and to Preferences to find a new Profile URL section. Type your preferred URL into the text box directly, or choose from one of the suggestions below.

Benefits of a Custom URL

  • Reserve a personal paddl.com/ address
  • Present a more professional / personal link
  • Control how you appear on search engines (Google, Bing, etc.)
  • Easy to remember / share with others

💡 You don’t need to have a Public Paddl Profile to personalise your URL. You can keep your Profile private and still reserve your custom URL.

🎨 Upload a Profile Banner Image

You can now choose or upload a Profile Banner to customise your Paddl Profile and show of some personality. If you don't want to upload your own image you can select 1 of our 6 beautiful new banners that we created as part of our rebrand.

Head over to your Paddl Profile and click/tap the banner image to get started!

💡 The best banners are usually landscape images in high resolution. You can find some great options on free sites such as:

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