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Empowering our global community of women


Here at Paddl, we are passionate about empowering the world to never stop learning. We believe that diversity is at the heart of innovation and our greatest cultural asset. Participation and career advancement should not be based on gender, social, physical, geographical or personal circumstances.

This week, in celebrating International Women's Day, we’re sharing valuable ways to unlock opportunity and acknowledge the inspiring women who make up our global community. Those who are thriving in their careers and who demonstrate a commitment to infinite learning.


2021's theme #ChooseToChallenge puts the onus on each of us to stay alert, celebrate women's achievement, raise awareness against bias and take action for equality. The Paddl Team raise their hands for the challenge. Do you? 🙋‍♀️

Recognising women's skills across 103 countries

Our diverse global community of 23,000+ Paddl.com users come from 103 countries across six continents - including Australia and Oceania, Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Africa.

Women, who make up over 50%, demonstrate an ongoing commitment to stay work ready in our ever-changing world and be recognised for their skills and capabilities.

15% of women hold (or are studying) more than one tertiary qualification or degree.  

Further, women are focusing on the skills that matter. As the world moves to remote learning and working, five of the top soft skills held by women in our community are considered critical in 2021. These are:

1️⃣ Communication

2️⃣ Teamwork

3️⃣ Leadership

4️⃣ Problem solving

5️⃣ Critical thinking

This devotion to learning and developing 'future skills' puts women at the forefront to unlock opportunity and drive lasting change.  

🗝 Unlocking Opportunity

As the world seeks to build more inclusive conversations and workplaces, there is an ever-growing number of experiences available to women to grow and develop into the next generation of future leaders. These recognise that people learn in different ways. Here are some of our favourites....

1. Join an online community

There are a bunch of incredible spaces where women can connect - both in person and virtually. We are all in this together!

Some of our recommended open and online communities include:

2. Complete an online course

Bite-sized short courses help you sharpen your skills of the future, without spending big money or committing months of your life to learning new things from qualified teachers.

Our preferred providers, offering tailored content for woman leaders include:

3. Explore accelerators and mentoring

Kickstart your career development or take your innovative idea to the next level with these woman-focused experiences:

  • Startmate - fellowship programs supercharge the most ambitious women.
  • Atto Pre-Accelerator Program - an online course designed to help founders create tech companies in an independent, scalable and sustainable way.
  • Mentor Walks - get matched with a leading CEO, Director, Executive or Founder.

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